What Does Emolevy Mean to Me?

vrcoaster-640_mediumI quit my permanent job at a respected international organization one and a half years ago. I had been thinking about changing the course of my life for quite some time, but it was not until I was well advanced with the web development studies at Udacity when I felt empowered enough to pull myself out of the golden gage finally.

Leaving the job I never really enjoyed that much, was the best decision I’ve ever made. I took the liberty to follow my dreams, yet I was still uncertain about my next moves. My dear husband gave me a year to figure things out, but as it turned out, it took a bit longer. I should have planned the future steps while I was still working;¬† Living from the spouse’s pocket has not been cool, neither fun for a prolonged period.

attitude-640_mediumIt will take two years; I have now understood until I’ll be able to provide my financial input to our household. The first year passed by so fast while I was gathering myself: Fixing the physical problems an office work had caused and the disappointment caused by the years of fulfilling the unfulfilling tasks in an unsuitable job. Being in a position of taking orders and implementing them from nine to six, every day and every week.

codecoffee-640_mediumChanging to a more active role of a decision maker does not come naturally but the joy to perform daily actions does when you love what you do. You have to work for and grow to your new operative functions. It is wonderfully exciting, yet frightening, to figure out how things work: how you start a business in a foreign country, how you run it and make it grow. Every day is different and challenging and I, myself, am responsible for my happiness at work.

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