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Creative computing workshops introduce computer science as a creative, collaborative, and engaging discipline to children and adults alike. Our students will learn basic concepts about programming, the Internet, and impacts of technology while developing strong practices and implementation through innovative unplugged and online coding activities.

Lessons are carried out in 60-minute periods once per week.

Birthday Parties

Strawberry cupcakes on a double layer trayOur parties introduce children to fundamental concepts of coding through exciting and fun, hands-on coding and unplugged activities. Kids have a blast building a robot car or personalizing a game and playing with their friends!

Let’s make your child’s party extraordinary!


Private classes / Tutoring

coder-640_medium1.jpgEnjoy the convenience and quality of coding and robotics classes in the tranquillity of your own home!

We offer private lessons and semi-private classes (for up to 4 students) or afterschool enrichment classes (for up to 8 students) in your own home or a venue of your choice.  We can customize the lessons based on the interests and coding experience of the group.